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Leader in web offset printing

Walstead Leykam Druck is one of the Top 3 leading Companies in web offset printing in Europe.

We play in the Champions League of printing in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Switzerland and other major markets.

Walstead Leykam Druck Group achieves an annual turnover of approximately 237 million euros with 710 employees.

Product Portfolio

22 web offset machines of various sizes offer an almost limitless product portfolio, great ability to meet deadlines, and high flexibility.



Regular customers who have been with us for many years are proof for us that we don't just see "customer orientation" as a marketing slogan. Personal contact with our clients, individual consulting and flexible reactions to customers’ wishes are the supporting pillars of our business philosophy.




Walstead Leykam Druck processes 265,000 tons of paper and 8,000 tons of ink annually. We specialize in web offset printing, however, with our wide range of machinery we can also meet special requirements. From UV coating to punching or perforations - we are flexible in responding to customer requirements.


Hand in hand: Quality and environmental awareness

At Walstead Leykam Druck, we have dedicated ourselves not only to quality, but to our environment as well. These values go hand in hand at our company, so that we offer our customers not only high quality but also environmentally friendly print products.